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Aluminium Foil Containers for Commercial Applications

A growing number of commercial industries prefer aluminium foil containers over any other packaging product:

Aluminium Foil Containers for Retailers

Aluminium foil containers are perfect for take-away and home delivered meals. With a leak-proof metal wall, they do not absorb moisture or grease, whilst promoting freshness, increasing shelf life, and maintaining maximum food flavour and texture. Then there is the added convenience – they are rigid enough to transport and stack easily.

Aluminium Foil Containers for Foodservice and the Baking Industry

Aluminium foil containers are not affected by temperature extremes. You can cook, freeze, and serve food all in this convenient package. They are versatile for both baking and freezing. You are able to defrost or reheat in the microwave, heat or boil in the oven, and serve and refreeze leftovers.

Aluminium Foil Containers for Packer Processors

Cost-effective:- can be customised to fit almost any manufacturer’s specifications. Designed to carry food products safely through all stages of manufacturing and distribution, aluminium foil containers provide a hygienic barrier that prohibits bacterial growth.

Aluminium Foil Containers for Packaging Engineers

Aluminium packaging adapts easily to manufacturing requirements and can be made to suit the specific needs in terms of size, shape, gauge, rim styles, lid closures, special coatings, decorative colours and designs, or multi-compartments. Embossing also adds a customised look and enhances product appeal.

Mr Foil – Aluminium Foil Containers

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