Early Uses of Catering Aluminium Foil

In 1913, the first commercial use of catering aluminum foil was for identification leg bands for racing pigeons.

The potential for catering aluminum foil quickly arose for use as containers and packaging mainly due to its compatibility and protective qualities, economy, and its attractive texture.

An early use for aluminium foil packaging was as chocolate and tea wraps.

It wasn’t until 1921 that the first aluminium foil laminated paperboard folding carton was produced, and aluminium foil for catering use was born.

Incredibly in 1929, aluminium accounted for 11% of all metal foil produced.

Household aluminium foil was marketed in the late 1920’s, and by 1931, aluminium foil was packaged in appropriate sizes and thicknesses, in both rolls and sheets, and as commercial catering aluminium foil for use by hotel, restaurant, hospital kitchens and caterers.

In 1938, 56% of all foil produced was aluminium; today, this is in excess of 90%.

The first formed, all-foil food containers appeared on the market in 1948, with a folded, cook-in design. This grew into the complete line of die-formed and air-formed foil containers now sold in every grocer and supermarket, either as product-containing packages, or as convenience dishes and pans.

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