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Foil Containers – Versatile For All Industries

Aluminium Foil Containers for Commercial Applications A growing number of commercial industries prefer aluminium foil containers over any other packaging product: Aluminium Foil Containers for Retailers Aluminium foil containers are perfect for take-away and home delivered meals. With a leak-proof metal wall, they do not absorb moisture or grease, whilst

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foil takeaway trays

The Benefits of Foil Takeaway Trays

Today, aluminium is extensively used in packaging materials. Aluminum is excellent material for creating all types of containers and foil takeaway trays. Despite the fact that about seven billion aluminium foil takeaway trays are produced annually, the general public know very little about the advantages that these foil takeaway trays

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Early Uses of Catering Aluminium Foil

In 1913, the first commercial use of catering aluminum foil was for identification leg bands for racing pigeons. The potential for catering aluminum foil quickly arose for use as containers and packaging mainly due to its compatibility and protective qualities, economy, and its attractive texture. An early use for aluminium

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aluminium foil for packaging

History of Aluminium Foil For Packaging

The earliest production of aluminium foil for packaging was in France around 1903, by Gautschi, employing the classical pack rolling method of reducing metal to foil thicknesses. Gautschi stacked thin sheets of aluminium into a pack and rolled them between heavy iron cylinders heated internally by hot water. This was

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Recyclable Foil Trays

Foil Trays Aluminium recyclers are expecting an increase in the amount of foil trays but are still unclear if the material is fully recycled. It is gueestimated that as much as 4,500 tons of aluminium foil is used around Xmas time alone, in items such as disposable aluminium cooking trays,

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aluminium foil containers

The Advantages of Aluminium Foil Containers

Aluminium Foil Containers Aluminium foil containers contain many advantages to the restaurant, take-away, and food packaging market. These advantages enable aluminium foil containers to be the first material of choice for the food processing industry, the food service industry and general consumers alike. The humble foil container qualifies as the

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Aluminium Foil – Wholesale Direct & Delivered to Your Door

Based in Wetherill Park Sydney, our supply factory in China manufactures quality aluminium foil and aluminium foil containers of all shapes & sizes that are ideal for hot food, cold food, and take-out services. Our newly developed and efficient Australian distribution network, now allow us to provide competitive prices on these great

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Takeaway Packaging – Bulk Order Containers / Trays & Save

Takeaway Packaging Suppliers Our distribution resources allow us to provide the best competitive prices on bulk delivery of our great quality of ready-to-use foil takeaway containers and takeaway packaging. We deliver to business locations all throughout Australia. takeaway containers, takeaway packaging, takeaway container, takeaway packaging suppliers

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Aluminium Foil Containers – Delivering Australia Wide

Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil are one of the leading suppliers of heavy duty aluminium foil products specialising in production of all kinds foil containers, foil platters and aluminium foil wrap. Based in Wetherill Park Sydney, our supply factory in China manufactures quality aluminium foil wrap, heavy duty aluminium foil, foil containers and

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