Aluminum Foil Container – Can I use them in the oven?

aluminium foil container

I have a disposable aluminium foil container and I am worried about using it it in my oven (I want to cook a cake). Many websites I have read state it will melt but they suggest that putting a sheet of aluminium foil at the bottom of the oven will help. I am a bit confused.

Yes you can use your disposable aluminium foil container to bake your cake in your oven. Aluminium melts at 660 degrees celcius. I doubt that that your oven would reach that temperature – most domestic ovens don’t.

We manufacturer and supply disposable aluminium foil containers most the food industry and they are made specifically for baking in the oven. You can keep the aluminium foil container in the oven for hours on end without anything consequences.

They great thing about using a disposable foil container is that you can use it once or twice and then throw it away. They are a very convenient and versatile cooking utensil.

If you are baking your cake to take to a party or someones house – you don’t have to worry about the return of the container.

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